Terms of cancellation:

Advanced payment with reservation.
Reservation can be cancelled or removed for free in 14 days before departure day.
Cancel 7-14 days payment 50%. Cancel 0-7 days payment 100%.
If the weather is too windy its unsafe to departure pier.
In that case we will operate still at Santalahti pier and customer will get 100€ giftcard.
If also Manta5 event is cancelled, customer will get 200€ giftcard.
If the whole event must be cancelled because of bad weather (storm etc) new time will be booked or customer will get 500€ giftcard.

Lesson & testing:
Advanced payment with reservation.
Reservstion can be moved for free 3 days before or change it to a giftcard.

If the customer causes any damage to his/her self, to others or to ones propertys he/she is fully responsible liable to pay all damages.

Manta Suomi Oy (3236549-3)
tel. +358 50 3415444

M5 Extreme Saunalautta
Näsijärven ranta,
Santalahden venesatama
Sahansaarenkatu, 33250 Tampere