M5 Extreme sauna boat event with E-water bike driving!
4 or 5 hours. max 12 person.

Explore lake cruise on M5 Extreme sauna boat.

Feel the most authentic steam at traditional wood-heated sauna and enjoy swimming in refressing Näsijärvi. Extreme experience of cycling on a water with Manta5 water E-hydrofoil bike. This event Includes testing and lesson for driving with Manta5 hydrofoil bike! Main goal is departure from the deck of the boat and steering (Its not too hard, but needs a few attempts). Wetsuits are available if needed. Bring your own swimming suit.

You can chill at the big roofterrace taking sun and enjoying beautiful seens. There is a barbeque possibility and you can bring you own food & beverage. Also small snack and softdrinks are for sale.


4 hours: 690€ incl. vat.
3 hours: 790€ incl. va

You can choose:
Morning cruise / Day cruise / Night cruise

Flexible program:

Welcome to Manta5 Extreme sauna boat, rules and manners.
Boat leaves Santalahti and crew will start heating the sauna.
Manta5 Water E-bike lesson; theory and videos.
Arriving to buoy/anchor destination.
Driving with Manta5 one by one in turns, swimming, warming up in sauna, chilling, barbequing…
Cruising back to Santalahti.